Purpose of the game: 
  -  Warms the body & mind
  -  Focuses creativity
  -  Helps concentration 
  -  Hones energy
  -  Good for group bonding

Number of people:  Small groups only
Age: 7 years to adult 
Time: 20 minutes 
Game Rules... Click READ MORE for the full game details.
Games Rules & Objectives:

Divide the class into groups of four and explain that the task is to devise a slow-motion running race. The winner will be the last person across the finishing line. The race should last one minute, but in that time the group should provide as much interest as possible. There can be moments where one person is overtaking another, there can be some cheating (such as tripping up one of the runners), but everything should be in slo-o-ow motion – and facial expressions and reactions are crucial.

Give them ten minutes to devise and practice their race, then each group can show their performance. Alternatively, you can use this exercise as a wind-down at the end of a session. Sit everyone at one end of the space and in groups of four they can improvise their slow-motion race to a designated finishing line. Although the participants can pretend to outwit the other runners, there should be no actual touching.

  • The slower the race and the reactions, the more interesting it will be for the audience.
  • The theme tune from Chariots of Fire can be played as the groups are performing the race.

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