Purpose of the game: To focus, energise and break the ice
Number of people: 4+  
Age:  6+
Time: 3 - 5mins
Game Rules... Click READ MORE for the full game details.

Person to Person
  • Everyone gets onto pairs and spreads out around the space
  • The leader shouts out a series of body parts which the pairs have to join together and stay connected together. E.G Finger to knee, hand to head, shoulder to shoulder, finger to ear, toe to hip etc... 
  • When the directions are called out each pair have to quickly connect these body parts until they are tangled. Once they are so tangled that there's no more room for connecting, the leader shouts 'Person to Person' and the pairs have to find another partner as quickly as possible to start the game again. 
  • Each pair may have 3-4 body parts joined in each go which can be awkward and uncomfortable positions so the game has to move on quickly so know one has a chance to think about it. 
  • This is done at a very fast pace and continually changes until the leader decides to stop the game. 
  • An excellent game to use at the beginning of a class or any time you wish to up the energy or break barriers. 

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