Game purpose:
  -  To open the creative mind
  -  Hone energy and focus

  - Suitable for any age range

Props required: 0
Number of people: 2 but can be played with 3
Game Rules.... Click Read More for the full details. 

Game Rules & Objectives
  • Get your class into pairs and have them sit together on the floor with the group spread out around the workshop space.
  • Ask them to decide who is player A and who is player B.
  • Player A has an imaginary box of creativity in front of them which contains their creative mind. The object of the game is for them to pull out of the box as many imaginary creative items as possible, which they are showing to Player B. i.e. I have a basket ball, an ice cream, a dog, a grassy hill, an island, my family, a DVD player, a pencil and so on…
  • You want to make sure A is reeling off as many things as possible at a good fast pace and not describing them, so as to not let their mind ‘think’ too much and to say the first word that comes to mind.
  • They must avoid categories, as it is easy for them to become stuck on one thing. i.e. I have a beach, a beach ball, a beach towel, the sea etc…
  • The items need to be random and constantly changing category. Player B just listens and can respond to things Player A pulls out the box.
  • Player A starts the game, and then the game switches after a couple of minutes so that Player B can have a turn.
This game is great for warming up or to use at any point during a class if you need to focus your students and push out any resistances.

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