Game 1: 1, CLAP, NOISE

Purpose of the game: 
- Vocal warm up 
- Focus
- Bonding

Number of people: 4 people upwards
Age: 6 +
Time: 5 – 10mins
Game Rules... Click READ MORE for the full game details.


Purpose of the game:  
- Observation
- Creativity 
- Improvisation 

Number of people: 3 people upwards 
Age: 5 +
Time: 5 – 10mins
Game Rules... Click READ MORE for the full game details.

  • Get into pairs. 
  • Then say numbers 1, 2, 3 while alternate each number back and forth. Player A says 1, players B says 2, player A says 3, player B says 1, player A says 2, player B says 3 and so on. They can get faster and faster but getting it correct. 
  • Then do the next round by replace the number 2 with a single clap. Don't say number 2 anymore. 
  • Then the next round replace the number 3 with a movement & vocal sound. Don't say number 3 anymore.
  • So it goes Player A: says 1, Player B: claps, Player A: does the sound and movement. Keep rotating the pattern. 
  • See how fast you can go without getting it wrong. 

  • Everyone sits in a circle and one person has to give a present to the next which follows on around the circle
  • What the present is is decided by two things: The giver - by how they handle the gift, showing the size, weight, shape etc… and: The receiver - they have to acknowledge how the giver gives the present and then decided what it is from the givers actions.
  • The receiver takes the present without any speech – shows what it is with facial expressions and actions. 
  • At the end they say ‘it is a…’ an announce what they think the gift is. 
  • Then they give a new gift to the next person in the circle and so on. 

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