Purpose of the game: 
  -  Warms the body, mind and voice
  -  Very time efficient
  -  Boosts a lot of energy
  -  Focuses minds
  -  Suitable for any age range
  -  Gets students ready for anything!

Props: 0
Number of people:  4 - 1000!
Game Rules... Click READ MORE for the full game details.
Games Rules & Objectives:
  • Split the class into two groups
  • Give one group the name of Crows and the other Cranes
  • Have the Crows and Cranes standing facing each other in parallel lines down the centre of the room
  • You, the teacher, stands at the end of the lines ready to call commands 
  • If you shout out “Crows” then the Crows have to run away from the Cranes to safety at ‘base camp’, which can simply be the end of the room or pass a certain point of the room.
  • The Cranes have to chase after the Crows and try to catch them before Base Camp, by gently tapping them. Any Crows caught then go onto the Cranes side.
  • and so on…. until all crows or cranes are on one side, or until you run out of time! The winning team has the most people on their side. 
You will find that this game will get your students excited, energised and concentrated. Ready for a class or performance. It's also useful for breaking the ice with new groups. 

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