1) Speak in a fake Italian accent for the day. The faker and cheesier, the better.

2) Wear a commedia mask to work.  If you don’t have a commedia mask, wear makeup and a fake beauty mark and go as one of the Innamorati .  Failing that, wear any mask you like.

3)  Perform a lazzi (comic routine)  We suggest the fly you can’t kill lazzi.  Imagine a fly buzzing around.  It lands, you pounce, (maybe by hitting someone or yourself in a sensitive spot)  but it keeps on buzzing away. But you can make up your own lazzi too!

4) Pontificate like Dottore all day.  Make random assertions and then back them up spouting nonsense, made-up statistics, and a fair amount of hemming and hawing.

5) Walk funny.  Practice your silliest walks today.  If you’d like to have a hump on your back, today’s the day!

6) Turn on a dime. About halfway through an argument, start arguing vehemently for the other side.  Don’t let the fact that they now agree with you stop you from arguing.

7) Play matchmaker.  Now is the perfect time to hatch an elaborate plot to get two unlikely people together.  The more complicated and crazy, the better.

8) Count to Three.  In comedy, three is a magic number.  So do everything three times for comic effect, but on the third time, let something different happen.  Go in a different way.

9) Go Faster.  Do everything as fast, as big, as funny, and as loud as you can.  It’s the  Italian way

10) Take part in one of our Commedia Workshops – for beginners or more experienced performers. 

11) Watch our show ‘Arlecchinos Revenge’ – suitable for the entire school
12) Have fun! If it’s not fun to do, it’s probably not Commedia.