Purpose of the game: To focus a group
Number of people: As many or as little as you like  
Age:  10+
Time: 5mins
Game Rules... Click READ MORE for the full game details.

Slubbadergullian | Game of the month

The students stand in a tight circle shoulder to shoulder. One person starts by saying ‘SLUBBADERGULLIAN’ as quickly as possible but saying it clearly and properly which is then continuously passed around the circle at a fast pace with everyone saying it in turn. As this is sent around the circle, if anyone says it wrong, waits too long or messes-up, they step out of the circle. This keeps going until you have one person left who is the winner of the game. 

The idea is to keep the pace up to increase the focus and energy. Otherwise it becomes too easy and mundane. This game can be used at any point but best at the beginning of a class. 

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